12-12-12 Campaign

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"Every dollar donated helps to connect youth to a brighter future!"

12-12-12 Donate Now

1.   Contribute $12,121.00 and be recognized as a TYC BFF (Best Friend Forever) w/company name, logo on our website as well as other collateral material*
2.   Contribute $1,212.12 and become a TYC Friend with your name on our Website*
3.   Commit to donating $12.12/month for 12 months and be entered into a raffle for a gift certificate to 12 Oaks Mall
4.   Make a donation of $121.21 or more between now and 12:00 Midnight on 12/12 and be entered in a raffle for a gift certificate to Meijer at Tel-12
5.   Make a donation of $121.21or more between 12:01am and 12:00 Noon on 12/12 and be entered in a raffle for a 12 -12 -12 TYC Gift Basket
6.   Contribute $12.12
7.   Ask 12 Friends to donate $12.12. Then ask those 12 friends to ask 12 friends and so on and so on…
8.   Text, Tweet or Post to 12 Friends to match your donation
9.   Start collecting your loose change and bring your jars of change to TYC by 12/12/12
10.   Help us reach our goal of 1,212 Contributors and 12,121 Likes - www.facebook.com/TYCDetroit and Followers - www.twitter.com/TYCDetroit
11.   Volunteer a total of 12 hours for any TYC hosted event or activity



 Contribute your talent (tutoring, workshop presenter, mentor a youth) to TYC!

Won't You Give Today??

Gifts and donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. The Youth Connection is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations to this campaign will benefit programming at The Youth Connection.  All contributors will receive a thank you letter stating that they have made a tax-deductible contribution to The Youth Connection.
*Pending approval, for one year




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