Every Dollar Helps The Youth Connection

The Youth Connection (TYC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency, works to connect our youth to a brighter future. Your tax-deductible donation will help us fulfill our mission to increase participation in after-school programs and provide year-round opportunities for youth to explore careers and develop job skills. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (313) 826-7099 or visit our website at www.theyouthconnection.org.


$7,000 - Covers the cost of one student for one year in The Youth Connection Career Academies (TYCCA) and a six week paid internship.  During the internship each student will receive First Aid, CPR and Teen CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team) certification.

$2,500 - Provides for a 12 week life skills and substance abuse prevention training program for  20 youth.

$1,000 - Pays for one student’s participation in our six week paid internship with our corporate and non-profit partners allowing them to explore a career of their choice.

$500.00 -  Helps support our annual Back-to-School Fair providing 5,000 parents and youth access to after-school programs.

$250.00 - Contributes to the cost of upgrading and improving technology and equipment for the TYCCA computer lab that allows youth to explore career options, develop resumes and engage in online learning.

$150.00 - Provides healthy snacks for youth participating in TYC after-school programs.

$75.00 - Supports advocacy efforts to leverage federal funding to feed kids nutritious meals after-school and during the summer.

$35.00 - Strengthens community outreach to youth for TYC programs.

$15.00 - Pays for Botvin Life Skills training materials for one student in the substance abuse prevention program.

$10.00 - Provides a pedometer for youth participating in TYC Fit ‘n’ Fun Family Clubs to help fight childhood obesity.

$5.00 - Purchases program supplies for TYC.




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