The Youth Connection Case Management

After completing the full application and registration process, youth will be assigned a case manager who will work with the youth to determine if all or specific program components best meets the needs of the youth and what supportive services are needed, if any.

Participants are separated into two categories: Older Youth (ages 19-21) and Younger Youth (ages 14-18). Case managers will assist with finding resources and identifying solutions for challenges that may affect the youth’s ability to successfully perform and complete the program. Youth will complete a basic skills and career assessment.

Case managers will utilize that information to work with the youth to set attainable goals and guide them toward programs that best meet the total needs of the youth. An individualized plan will be developed for each youth. Case managers will work closely with school counselors/placement specialists, CC and DHS representatives to assist youth with program enrollment and to identify supportive services and resources for youth. They will monitor site locations and the performance of each assigned youth, in addition to regularly scheduled individual counseling sessions. Case managers will also conduct various life-skills trainings and workshops, host parent meetings and assist youth with job searches and referrals.




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