Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Youth Connection?

The Youth Connection, a private non-profit agency, connects our youth to a brighter future. We work to increase participation in after-school programs and provide year-round opportunities for youth to explore careers and develop job skills.

What is The Youth Connection Career Academies?

The Youth Connection Career Academies provide youth ages 14-21 an opportunity to understand the duties and tasks necessary for success in various careers through its partnership with Detroit Public Schools and its Career Pathways and Internship programs.  As part of this year-round program, youth work under the direction of highly-skilled supervisors and mentors in each field.  This program is a terrific way for students to understand the real world of careers and it encourages continuing education and positive behavior amongst youth while promoting civic commitment and giving back to the community. In addition, youth receive life-skills training and information in areas such as health, nutrition, substance abuse, leadership, etiquette, conflict resolution, public speaking and more.

How is The Youth Connection funded?

The Youth Connection is funded in part by the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth and the Detroit Workforce Development Department.  We also solicit federal, state and local government grants along with corporate and private donations.

Does The Youth Connection run after-school programs?

The Youth Connection does not run any after-school programs.  We work to educate youth, parents, funders and leaders about the benefits of after-school programming, build partnerships with after-school program providers to expand capacity and remove barriers to participation in after-school programs by our kids.

How do you get involved with The Youth Connection Career Academies?

Please visit The Youth Connection Career Academies for more information on enrolling in the Academies.




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